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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ah, well, once again I have decided to get a fresh start on the blog. Its spring so it fits with my usual fresh start on everything in life. Every everything. So, South Haven, MI. Its March 28th and it is rainy and cool, but feel like May something. Everything has bloomed; trees, bulbs, even the lilac that Daisy managed to not kill despite her constant chewing. It is weird. I put in peas (actually innoculated!) twice and I don't know, maybe its been too warm. Spinach and chard and beets and well, I'm having a hard time figuring out what is tree seedling and what is what I want to come up. I have to wait for true leaves, etc.
I'm excited to see the hardy fig is coming back, but I ran by the houses that had these huge, healthy specimens in their yards last summer and they have pruned them to the base. I'm not sure I may have missed a fall pruning and mine does have new is an example of my approach to gardening. I could easily look this up - I have only two tabs going and can juggle a few online tasks at once, duh. I feel a little worried I might not have figs or might not get the plant to bush out as much as my neighbors, but I also feel like waiting to see what an unmanaged fig does for at least one season. Also, if I wait until the fmarket starts I will see the woman I bought it from and will have the lovely, lovely thing that I can bring to the market and that is a question for a farmer, or at least gardener. So, I will let it go and stow this nugget of conversation bate for a few weeks.

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  1. Jeez, the typos! The fig has leaves, not flowers. and a bunch of other stuff.