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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tonight I will spend some time ordering seeds and plants. I have seeds (some a few years old, but probably good) and I plan to use a lot of them. I have bought leek seeds many times, but only remember growing a few. A friend told me that they over winter really well - maybe I'll remember that this fall.
blog thought: Can I set this up to make it easy for me to remember things later? Can I create some lists to add to on the sides??
I have fennel seeds, but as this is one thing that I really want to have work I might buy more. I love fennel and can't get it at the farmer's market. I can get tomatoes so I think I might not plant tomatoes this year, which would be a first. Tomatoes have always been a staple in my gardens - I start them from seed and they usually do really well. But, maybe I just won't do them this year. Tomatillos, on the other hand, are also pretty scarce at the FM.
There are a thousand different lettuce packets - my most favorite being mizuna. I will stake out a spot for the cold season raised bed (still can't really commit to that) soon.
Plants I'd like to buy : everbearing strawberries, wild(ish) blueberries, currant (yes, I like fresh and dried) and asparagus. Some day I will have fresh cut asparagus from my garden to celebrate spring (at least a few years off).
I planted the tart cherry last fall and hope to see some signs of life (like pretty flowers) in a couple of months. I think I will try to get to d.c. for the cherry blossom festival this year.

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