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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well, I haven't been here in a while, already. I was worried I would do this. Start and not kkep going, much like my attempt at NaNoWRiMo this year. (got to get back to that - i wrote over 4K words!). Anyway, 3 kinds under 8 - that's my excuse. Also, reading a lot instead of being constructive with garden planning, etc. At least I'm reading gardening books. Not the reference or how tos that I buy or get from the library and just glance through gaining little useful info. I just finished Roger B. Swain's The Practical Gardener, which is a good read, a fast read and full of little bits of info. I took some notes, but then just tried to enjoy the anecdotes about his gardening trials and travails. One chapter about experimenting or actually "trials" of gardening was very enlightening. "What passes for wisdom may in fact just be acquired prejudice". Which is true enough I may embroider it on a throw pillow.
I was thinking yesterday about how really really good and constructive it is to think about the past, near or far, and try to learn from it. ANd to think of it in a new light, for example... actually I can't think of a good example. Some ah ha. Ok, I have been thinking about moving to PA and how I have gone through depression trying to find myself here and say goodbye to my old home (Cleveland) and I have been thinking of it in terms of contact with friends and a well known environment, my memory creates these expectations, like the light in the dining room and the sound of rain on the windows. The view down the street.
This still isn't a good example of what I mean, but anyway, I now am trying to think of aclimating mind, my eyes, my senses to a new place and how that's a good thing. Changing your perspective is good.
Back to the garden. I discovered that the crocus bulbs I forgot to put in the ground were sprouting in the car port. So, I took some in a stuck them in some potting soil in a few pots. Maybe some will come up and it will be a little indoor spring thing. I don't usually like forcing bulbs - a colleague from work used to force paperwhites adn then give them to people for their desks. The smell would slowly take over the area, which happened to be a chemistry lab, and anyway they had a smell more repulsive than most chemicals. For me, at least. So, the crocuses will be cute. If it works.

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