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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Placed an order with Johnny's seeds. I am such a mess - I have written down in about 10 different places the stuff I want to grow, how I want to grow it and what I need to order and what I have (couple years old now, but I'm still going to try the seeds). So I ordered tomatillos seeds (and will collect them for next year, too). Chard, carrots, peas, some other stuff and asparagus! Not seeds, the roots and 25 of them so my focus right now should be where they are going to go and getting that ready for when they arrive. Right after ordering them I had a pang of fear that I'm going to have to move again before they bear anything for us. This happened at our last houses. The new owner will probably be mortified by the phallic spears emerging from the ground in the next month or two.
So I have all of the kitchen scraps from the winter and could do a lasagna garden thing, but I'm not convinced this is the best thing for the asparagus plants. It could get to hot with the decomp, it could not get all the nutrients it needs, b/c the little bugs are busy breaking down. So, I think I might do a little lasagna thing at the bottom, but use a lot of finished compost up higher. (I'm planning to build a raised garden bed). SO, where the heck should it go. There is a spot that would get full sun most of the day, and is sort of protected by bushes in the winter.
raised bed pros:
neat and tidy, which i never am.
keeps out animals, especially when surrounded by rocks. what kind of rocks do I want? maybe the bricks from the garage? Maybe some slate?
keeps me space conscious, except I already predict that I will stick all seedlings in ground even if it means in the middle of the garden next to the garage getting very little sun.
Thinking, thinking...


  1. I am flip flopping over raised or not ? I am thinking I dont want such confinement. My most special garden that I keep wishing I oould recreate was a railroad tie terraced garden of sorts....oh and did I mention 345 days of sunshine along with that garden .... which I AS YOU KNOW..can not seem to recreate in Central PA no matter how much I post it everywhere to make it come true. My only thoughts keeping it raised is maybe to help me with the neverending rabbit population I am currently feeding bird seed to 24 hours a day!...but have a feeling that wont help a bit!

  2. My kid friendly raised garden has 4 raised beds with built in seats one in each corner with stakes in each bed for the climber to grow up and create a little house..saw in kid gardens design sweet! ...decision
    MADE!! love this garden blogging....!!

  3. Hi Lottie! Found you through FB. We have a shared love of gardening! We converted the side yard of our house to a 'square foot' raised garden. And, since that wasn't the sunniest spot, we're now slowly taking over parts of the front yard for edibles. This, after tearing out the entire front lawn to put in a xeric garden the first summer we were here. I'm sure some of our neighbors hate us, but I don't care. I love it. Love gardening with the boys. Love seeing my youngest delight in the first crocus of the season, watching them search the tomato vines for ripe ones, and leaving that one zuchinni on the vine to see just how big it will grow. I'll stop back by to check on your garden tales!