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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am eating a mini harvest salad. A thinning salad, really. Linus' yaya carrots are really pushing eatother around so I thinned them out a bit. Lo and behold little bite carrots. The greens are lovely, too, so I chopped them up a little and threw them in with some purslane from my neighbor's garden. I am watching her garden while they are off traipsing around Europe and have had to pull some purslane for the toms and eggplant's benefit and put them directly in my garden to start a patch. This is really a nice self seeding green you can eat and should eat because it is so healthy. Easy, too. Kind of looks like jade and is nice a juicy.
So lastly, I decided to pull out the biggest fennel bulb in that patch - if I haven't mentioned it yet, I have a separate garden patch just for the fennel b/c I've read other veg don't like to share space with this beauty. So I just hilled up the patch two days ago, but there was a bulb that was big enough to chop and, of course, I threw in most of the feathery greens, too. So kind of needly texture, but excellent salad with a balsamic OJ vinagrette that I made earlier for bread dipping.
Now for the saddest part of my gardening endeavor. The giant canteloupe with the beautiful lobed leaves with silver brushstrokes was not a canteloupe, but a zucchini. Duh, and doh. I had seen the zucchini shaped squash forming and just couldn't believe that it wasn't going to balloon out. It was dark green. It kept getting longer. This was, of course, one of the plants I didn't plant, but had just started from the lasagna layers of winter compost. So, of course, it was a zucchini. When I finally decided to believe it, I ran outside and ripped it out of the ground because this is the melon patch and squash and melon can cross pollinate and the melon will end up bitter. So, hopefully the melon plants - at least I think - will go on to produce sweet fruit for us to gorge ourselves on in a month or two. There were a few amaranth seedlings struggling in the deep shade of the zuc that may happily grow to 6 feet tall now. And I spot to put dwarf cleome I took home from the garden club at the library.
Linus was very happy when it rained Tuesday so the garden club's beds would get a good drink. All three of them helped my bucket the rain barrel water to the beds the other night and had a lot of fun.
Pictures - any day now...

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