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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lasagna garden didn't do too well. I think it was too hot and it was such a dry summer I couldn't keep it wet enough. yellow pear toms did okay and the tomatillos did well until a giant wind storm unrooted them and tossed them about the yard. The other garden did pretty well, staked heirlooms - striped german tomatoes are worth their weight in gold and the lipstick peppers were cute on the bush and sweet. I'm trying to dry the many really hot Pedron peppers that we grew. Hotter than cayenne?? Seem to be.
Neighbors grew really nice flat beans and gave me some seed pods to grow next year. They grew the ground cherry version of tomatillos which are like little tart pineapples in berry form. Or cherry form.
I started a new lasagna bed with my terrifically successful compost output. It is rectangular and in the full sun near the rain barrel. I'm trying to get some cool crop spinach and peas going and beets, carrots and parsnips to over winter. So far its been so wet and cool that not much has happened past sprout and a little growth.
I need to mention that my husband's job is sort of shaky and I am trying to rearrange things and make things look more normal in case we have to sell our house. SOO, I put a few bushes (variegated arborvitae, fountainy forsythia and the already misplaced viburnum near the cherry and dug out a islandy looking perennial bed to surround it. I was so proud. And disgusted. I moved the newly planted pussy willow to a better spot which will be move viewable from inside and I put a red twip dogwood where the stupid bed with tomatoes were and you can see that from the family room, too. I regraded the entire back area and am trying to get grass to go, but its wet and cold so some is coming and other parts are totally water logged. I have added TEN bags of cow manure to this clayey shit to make it better draining. I'm really happy with the way it all looks and just need to get over the idea that it might not really be for me or us. Its still a success.
The fennel was a dissappointment. I don't think I have the right type for bulb eating. It was so woody. It could be the dryness again, I suppose, but they were such flat bulbs and I really want the rounder ones. Next year I will try again.
Next year:
delicata squash
flat beans
striped german
other heirloom toms.
bulls horns peppers

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